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Contributor to GQ Magazine India

January, 2014

Nirmala Narine: Ayurveda Expert; Author; Television host

“GROOMING IS MAKING A COMEBACK… In ancient times, pharaohs pampered themselves, warriors oiled their bodies before battle and emperors delighted in fragrances. Men today are realizing proper grooming not only enhances physical appearance, it also boosts self-esteem.”

Guyana Times International
May, 2013

“Spice Girl” A US-Based Guyanese culinary expert infuses traditions and spices to create extraordinary dishes. Narine is not a follower but is known and well-respected in the corporate world as the Global Trends Expert.”

New York Post
January, 2013

“Nirmala’s Spice World,” Television Show premieres Jan. 14 – 6:30 p.m. —World traveler Nirmala Narine will introduce viewers to spices all over the world known for their healing powers.”

Specialty Food Magazine
April 2012

“ Food Trends-Spices and Seasonings with Heat —Elevate any dish to gourmet status with the unique collection of spiced salts”

Fancy Food and Culinary Magazine
January 2012

Savor a World of Flavor— Spices and seasonings to bring home tastes from near and far.”

January 2012

“Spice Girl— Narine turned her grandfather’s lessons into a successful spice business, a foundation to help orphans around the world, and books for the home cook.”

FANCY FOOD & Culinary Products
May 2011

“World of Peppercorns”

December 2010

“Sunday Suppers—Fusion-style dinner that comes together easily”

September 2010

“Global Picks—how to cook with spices”

August 2010

“Food Gatherings—Party flavor—Serve a real all-American— takes ideas from North and South”

June 2010

“Flavor and Fragrance Consultant to Corporations—the determined dynamo is always off somewhere sniffing out exotic ingredients or educating Americans about them”

January 2010

“Global Table—Heaven-Scent Spice”

January 2010

“Warmed by soup and spices—Ingredients can be found in Canadian Supermarkets- a delight to the eyes and imaginations as well as the palate.”

December 2009

“Best Gifts of the Year
—World Traveler—
our favorite new cookbook—with vivid photographs and more than 70 recipes based on classics from 14 South American countries, Nirmala Narine’s latest is both travelogue and cookbook”

Bon Appétit
March 2009

“We say—Australian Bush Tomato”

Ritz Carlton
June 2007

“Spice Girl—Narine discovers the world, the world has discovered her—after months on the road—a teacher when it comes to the world’s greatest spices and food.”

Chicago Tribune
April 2007

“Nirmala spicing things up”

Gourmet Retailer
March 2007

“New Trend—Latin Flavors—a Fusion of Culture & Cuisine”

Country Living
March 2007

“2007 Women Entrepreneur of Year”

Seattle Homes
March 2007

“For Sushi Sake…Nirmala’s Wasabi Powder”

Gourmet Retailer
February 2007

“…a marvelous Organic Flatbread Mix, a blend of organic wheat flour, spices and recipes”

January 2007

“A World of Flavors –Nirmala’s recipes remind me that the world is not outside my door. It is always just inside my door, right here in, my kitchen.”

San Francisco Chronicle
January 2007

“Ethnic cooking…offering organic simmer sauce”

Cooking Light
December 2006

“Rock Salt Gift Sets”

Gourmet News
December 2006

“Nirmala’s Kitchen’ provides global view”

Cottage Living
December 2006

“Spice upsomeone’s holiday with this culinary journey around the world…”

Gourmet News
October 2006

“2006 Entrepreneur of year—Gourmet’s 20 under 40”

New York Sun
October 2006

“comprehensive pantry of exotic spices…”

July 2006

“Empress of her own veritable spice empire— Narine surveys the world for flavors and spices…is skilled at distilling exotic flavors…”

Dallas Morning News
July 2006

“Gourmet extravaganza shows sweet heat, organic everything”

Everyday with Rachel Ray
June 2006

“How cool is she?—Globe-trotting diva is our new favorite spice girl”

Metropolitan Home
May 2006

“The Years Best Design—Salts of the Earth in Sustainable Bamboo”

San Diego Union Tribune
February 2006

“Young, exuberant Nirmala—packages stories from her extensive travels to spice plantations and farms around the world”

Chile Pepper
February 2006

“Bringing intriguing new tastes to American tables—array of Exotic peppercorns…”

San Francisco Chronicle
January 2006

“Latest—offering Japanese Sea Salt with green tea powder”

Everyday with Rachael Ray
December 2005

“My favorite pick—for spices and rice blends from around the world is Nirmala’s Kitchen”

Chile Pepper
October 2005

“Spicy salt combinations…flavor for all kinds of dishes”

Gourmet News
September 2005

“Ethnic flavors moving into the mainstream”

Family Circle
September 2005

“Salts for variety”

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
September 2005

“Nirmala is giving Americans quick passport to exotic cultures and cuisines”

Bon Appetit
August 2005

“Tasmanian pepperberries… like a good pinot noir”

August 2005

“Our new favorite thing—Wattleseed…down under delight”

Deccan Chronicle
July 2005

“Nirmala truly brings the Mistress of Spice to life”

The New York Times
July 2005

“For the Spice Rack that has everything—Narine has a particular sensibility to the blending of spices—is devoted to indigenous cuisines and she wields a mean machete…”

New York Post
July 2005

“A variety of exotic curries and spices”

Eating Light
June 2005

“Nirmala’s Kitchen, Australian down under delight”

Specialty Food
May 2005

“Offering simple, upscale options for delicious rice dishes…Narine has spent the past two years creating a sophisticated line of spiced rices.”

O, Oprah
May 2005

“Flavored Sea Salts will shake your world…salt blends from around the world”

Fancy Food and Culinary Products
April 2005

“Rice to Riches…”

April 2005

“Our Posh Spice Girl — Nirmala Narine is reinventing the spice trade”

Chile Pepper
April 2005

“Nirmala’s spices will flip your culinary world”

Fancy Food and Culinary Products
March 2005

“Featuring exotic salts”

Gourmet Retailer
March 2005

“A thoroughly engaging woman… a source for recipes and merchandising ideas…Nirmala has traveled and cooked all over the world.”

Progressive Grocer
March 2005

“Spice up your life —international spice rubs for world cuisine”

Wine Country
March 2005

“Peripatetic world traveler, Nirmala travels to every corner of the world to hand-select the best sources to include in her line of spice blends”

Gifts and Decorative Accessories
February 2005

“A world of seasonings, as Americans find new and exciting ways to spice up their lives.”

Fancy Food and Culinary Products
December 2004

“Featuring new spices”

Food & Wine
November 2004

“All in good taste — Nirmala’s Kitchen offers unusual choices of spices”

Princeton Packet
November 2004

“A culinary powerhouse in the making—Nirmala the whirling dervish, source spices from around the world”

Legal Times
July 2004

“Her spices are sheer elegant simplicity”

New York Newsday
June 2004

“Fanciful eats to ignite your palate—Narine launches her International line of spice blends”

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